26. elokuuta 2013

My Boy

My boy, my nephew, mr. Ukko (and one of his precious).
On a Sunday morning walk.
Our quality time.
You can almost see me smiling.


23. elokuuta 2013

Self Portrait

This photo was taken this morning on my way to see my shrink (with four legs, a tail, and a hunger for carrots). The Sun was shining, and I couldn't be happier with what's going on in my life. One of those moments.

21. elokuuta 2013

My Two Shrinks

I never thought that my personal shrink would stand on four legs, have a tail and love carrots. Nor that he barks, drawls, and loves to cuddle with me. But it's true. They, both of them, saved my life. And will be my trusted animal friends till death do us part.

Thank you, mr. Bruuttus, thank you, mr. Ukko - my trusted animal friends!

When I'm with you, are you somewhere else?
Am I gettin' thru or do you please yourself?
When you wake up, will you walk out?

19. elokuuta 2013


You know what?!

When I was a kid I had a friend three years older than me. (I'm referring to her also here http://apinkglove.blogspot.fi/2013/07/me-cheek-you-cheek.html.) Only three years, you might ask. Yeah, three years. When you are six and your best friend is nine it's like having an older sister you never had. Or, maybe even better, you have some sort of a role model. Someone you can really look up to.

Well, thanks to this friend of mine I still have Cocktail on a cassette. And on a VHS. 
I've seen that movie like a hundred times, and can still remember...well... I just loved her! I thought that Elizabeth Shue was like the most beautiful girl in the world. I wanted to look just like her. Never happened. But I still have my memories, and will definitely watch Cocktail tonight on TV.

Promise me to watch this trailer (and maybe think of me). It's my fave (and, yeah, my mom let me watch the whole movie). <3

PS Yes, one mojito, please!

18. elokuuta 2013

...And All His Girls

PS If I was a rockstar I would definitely be just like Liam Gallagher. I totally dig his way of posing at the stage, holding his hands behind his back while singing. And champagne supernova. And cigarettes and alcohol.

13. elokuuta 2013

...Nothing but Promises

Until recently I knew this person. This person had a very deep impact on me and my life, in this person's arms I trusted my life - my whole life. But it was nothing but promises. Promises that were given, and not even considered kept. I guess it was my fault, by far. Trusting and hoping for the best.

There is this saying I like and try and live by: "Promise a lot, give even more".
If and when this person calls my name - I won't be there. I won't make promises I can't keep.

And this is a promise.
Promise is a promise.
Promise is a promise.

10. elokuuta 2013

Walking on Water

This is what I've been up to. Walking on water. And swimming with a horse.
I can find only one word to describe it: M A J O R! <3
But I had to admit it feels kind of strange at the same time: wearing your bikini bottom and trying to navigate in the water (and seeing fish babies everywhere you look), and still riding a horse.

And, look, I have mud on my toes.