12. huhtikuuta 2013

The Concept Tent

Let me introduce the Concept Tent to you.

The Concept Tent is like the new Hanging Cliff Cabana (http://apinkglove.blogspot.fi/2012/11/hanging-cliff-cabana.html), and I want both. By this time of the year I'm already sick and tired of all this darkness, freezing my ass off, and dodging dog poop hidden in the snow. So, you probably understand why you still haven't seen a pic of me taking a nap in a Hanging Cliff Cabana. But, now that we have the Concept Tent everything seems possible (but not stepping on dog poop on the streets).

The Solar Powered Tent as it's also called was "thought up because of festivals and the fact that partygoers always need to keep in touch with mates while they’re camping and roaming around the festival site. Kaleidoscope and Orange Communication designed it in partnership to celebrate Glastonbury Festival" . (source: www.inspiredcamping.com, 12.4.2013)

The Concept Solar Powered Tent has got a central wíreless control hub which lets you send out a wireless internet signal for anyone who needs to surf the internet, but also a wireless charging pouch that powers mobile phones and other portable devices with out the need for wires and multiple chargers, and an internal heating system. As a bonus the Concept Tent is designed to have 'glo-cation" technology: it enables the lost campers to find their tent by sending out a text message that triggers a distinctive glow in the tent helping them see it from a distance.

...yeah, it did sound too good. It's just a concept designed to celebrate Orange’s 11th year at Glastonbury Festival 2012. Sigh.